Listen to the Brazilian rock duo DEPARTAMENTO D’s first release

Rock, folk music, indie and garage rock, a little bit of Popular Brazilian Music.

These are the elements of Departamento D (Department D), formed by Rodrigo dMart (drums and voice) and DableO (guitar and voice), a rock duo from Porto Alegre, south of Brazil. Three songs of this self-titled debut EP are available for streaming and download on Spotify, Naspster, Deezer, Amazon Music and other streaming services.

DableO (guitar and voice) and Rodrigo dMart (drums and voice)

Their first eponymous EP has three tracks, recorded between 2018 and 2019: “Inside and Out”, “Minha Cabeça Vai a 1000” and “Toxic”, with bassist Daniel “Cuca” Moreira (Água de Melissa and Doidivanas) featuring on the latter.

“Though the songs sound different, they share a creative connection and show three possibilities of where we can go with our music in the future”, says dMart. Departamento D is influenced by folk rock, indie and grunge, with lyrics both in english and portuguese.

The duo spreads their work via social media and streaming platforms. DableO adds that their motivation “comes from a great variety of influences and the challenge of mixing them into our own style”.

Drummer Rodrigo dMart states that “it’s a minimalist formation, only with the drums and the guitar and both voices to sing our own songs, with rock in its essence, but opened to other connections”.

Brazilian rock duo DEPARTAMENTO D’s first release

This debut EP comes from dMart’s experimentations with music production and mixing. The recordings took place at a home studio in Imagina Conteúdo Criativo’s office and at Tec Áudio studio, in Porto Alegre, supervised by bassist and music producer Rodrigo Rheinheimer. Mastering was done by specialist Marcos Abreu.

Departamento D, the EP, is the first release of new label and music publisher Imagina Conteúdo Criativo, managed by journalist and cultural producer Yara Baungarten.

In 2021, Departamento D will release a live music video, part of the Brisa project, recorded at Espaço Norte, in Novo Hamburgo, by audiovisual production company Cont, owned by videomaker Daniel Crippa.

 Departamento D: Rodrigo dMart (drums and voice) and DableO (guitar and voice)


Departamento D is formed by Rodrigo dMart (drums and voice) and DableO (guitar and voice), both journalists, musicians and composers. They live in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil.

The duo mixes rock, indie rock, folk music, garage rock, a little bit of MPB (Popular Brazilian Music) and experimentalisms.

This musical work started in 2017, with songs written in English and Portuguese, in an artistic lab that has provided more than 40 compositions. Departamento D is part of the AND Project, by Rodrigo dMart.

In September 2020, Departamento D released a pandemic collab video of the song “Be Aware”.

The eponymous EP is their first release (November 2020) with three tracks – “Inside and Out”, “Minha Cabeça Vai a 1000” and “Toxic” -, recorded between 2018 and 2019.

DableO (guitar and voice) and Rodrigo dMart (drums and voice)


Eduardo “DableO” is a composer, journalist, reporter and podcaster (Musicatessen). Rodrigo dMart is a musician, writer, journalist and cultural producer. He has released three books and five albums with Doidivanas. The duo is dMart’s first work as a vocalist and music producer.





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